About Me

My name is Mike Obinwanne Umunna, and I am the founder of Inside Sales Man. I have been a professional salesman with over 15 years of experience selling for different companies.

I have worked with companies like Samsung, BIS Group, MJD Vent, and many other companies in Europe, Africa, and America.

I have good experience with Cold Calling & Digital marketing. I created this platform to help salespeople understand the strategies of closing business deals and sales over the phone or face-to-face. I have closed over Five Million Dollars in commissions, and I want to show you some simple great strategies you can also employ to make money as a salesperson.

When I am not chasing my prospects around with my phone, I am busy writing scripts. I’m excited to help you become a better salesperson if you follow the strategies I dish out on this platform.

If you need help with writing sales scripts, you can send an email to broadwaymarketingconsults@gmail.com.

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