A Sample Cold Call Script for Recruiters Calling Companies

A Sample Cold call script for recruiter to prospective company

So let me assume you own a recruiting company, or you are the marketing manager of one of the recruiting companies, and you need a cold calling script to call prospective companies to use your service. In this article, I will show you a sample cold call script for recruiter to prospective company.

Before I show you a custom script that I have written for several of my clients, there are lots of things you should bear in mind. When it comes to cold calling prospective companies to allow you to handle their recruitment process, it is quite tricky. The reason is that you are trying to make HR feel less relevant in the organization.

For more complex organizations, being able to convince their C-level recruitment officers might land you the deal. This is most likely because there are other complex job roles they need to execute.

For a smaller organization, unless you are a professional with profound years of experience, you might not close the deal. The Human Resource Manager in a smaller organization needs to be busy – hiring, and firing talents is what keeps the HR busy.

For smaller businesses without the Human Resource Department, these are perfect for cold calling and closing the deal even on your first call.


An Inside Sales Rep


How to Write a Cold Call Script for Recruiter to Companies

Here are some tips for you if you want to write out a cold call script to contact companies to engage your recruiting firm.

Always use a name with the gatekeeper

A lot of inside sales reps make the mistake of begging a gatekeeper to get transferred. Gatekeepers are trained to screen out sales calls. ‘Begging’ the gatekeeper to transfer you to ‘someone’ in the department will get you bounced.

I suggest you do a random search on Google to find any name in the company.

Instead of “please transfer me to someone in the HR department,” you can say something like;

Please transfer me to Odoi Johnson, thanks.”

It shows the gatekeeper that you aren’t to bug them with sales calls. When you speak to your present target, then continue prospecting within the company – from staff to staff.

Exchange Basic pleasantries

Never go too overboard while exchanging pleasantries with your prospect. It might trigger a red flag (like social engineering).

Most people are busy, so learn to treat every prospect as being busy.

“Hi John, Mike from Inside Sales Man, how are you doing today?

I hope I didn’t catch you at the wrong time?”

As simple as that is enough to establish rapport and move on with your call.

Always make sure you qualify the prospect

I have seen a lot of inside sales managers going straight to talk about what their company does once the prospect picks up the phone. The question that should run at the back of your mind is, “what if he is no longer in the department”?

One of the first things I do while I write a cold call script for recruiter to prospective company is to add a qualification question. This is one of the most straightforward questions to ask; it also makes the prospect feel comfortable with you.

After my exchange of pleasantries, I move straight into qualifying the prospect.

“Prospect, when it comes to hiring talents and recruitment of candidates for your organization, is this your area of expertise in the company?

This makes the prospect feel relaxed, knowing that you are putting some effort into identifying the right person to speak with on the phone.

If you are prospecting on the phone, then this question is essential to get the details of the right person to speak with.

Tell the prospect the value other companies have gotten by allowing you to handle their recruitments process.

There is a massive difference between a value statement and what services your company offers. Many reps make the mistake of going ahead to the state services they offer. Nobody cares about what you offer, and no one will ever care about that – asides your team members.

A value statement tells the client what you can do for them, more like what you can help them achieve in their organization.

Probe the prospect to find more about their recruitment process

Now the client knows the benefit you are bringing to the table; he needs to see a reason for the benefit. Probing questions helps you identify and shows you challenges the prospect is facing. Having an idea about the problems will help you to link your benefits to each challenge the prospect is facing.

“Do you think you are spending more on recruiting?”

Several questions like that show the prospect that you are willing to understand their process and make recommendations.

Summarize with how your recruitment agency can help them

I suggest you always start with “This is why I am calling to show you how…”, then you list out what things you can do to help their current process. Your benefits should reflect the challenges they are facing, and I believe you’ve gotten a hint from while you probed.

Get the Appointment

An appointment gets you one step closer to securing a deal. I have written an extensive article on how to secure meetings with prospects over the phone, physically, or by email. But you should be aware that every cold call aims to get a meeting and make your presentation basically about the service or solution.

Sample Cold Call Scripts for Recruiters calling Companies

Here are some script samples; please make sure you edit and make it unique to the service you are offering.

Sample Script 1


I was wondering {prospect} when it comes to the recruitment of talents and candidates for your organization, is this an area of involvement for you?

{If yes, proceed; if No, please ask for referral}


The reason for the call is that I would love to get acquainted with you. Currently, we are working with a limited number of organizations in the call center industry to deliver an unprecedented recruitment process for them. We have the objective of disrupting the call center recruitment process, so we are allowing a limited number of businesses to take advantage of the benefits we offer.


If the client says “I am not interested”, here’s how to overcome the I am not interested objection


Probing and Matching

But my question for you is –

  • Do you currently partner with an agency for your talent recruitments?
  • Are you satisfied with the recruitment outcome?


Summary Pitch

That is why I am calling, showing you how we can help you save money – about 25% of your recruitment expenses, and still maintain superb quality service.

We know who your top candidates are and what motivates them, and we can present these types of candidates to you.

How interesting does this sound for you?

So I would love to meet with you to discuss the best way to proceed.

What day works for you? Mon/Tues 10am.


Sample Script 2

{Prospect}, I was looking to discuss with you regarding recruitment and talent hire, is this an area of involvement for you?

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a bit of information which would help me determine if we could help add value to your organization, is this an excellent time to speak?


Sample Script 3

{Prospect} we are currently working with companies like {company 1}, {company 2}, and several others within your industry, and we’ve helped them reduce internal time and budget spent on hiring and recruiting talents into their workforce. Just like you, they had a perfect recruitment process until we showed them how much time and money they could save by allowing us to optimize their operation.

I would want to share a bit of information which would help me determine if this is something for your company, what would be a great time to meet? Mon/Tues 10 am?


So, sample 2 and 3 scripts are more like elevator script for recruiter to prospective company. But if you need a complete script that allows you to take charge of the call and conversation, then script 1 is ideal.

So if you are a recruiter looking to cold call companies, I believe this script should help you get the best pitch structure and close appointments.

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