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Sample Email Reply to Customer Asking for Discount.

Sample email reply to Customer asking for Discount.

Replying to prospects who are asking for a discount is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you can’t go below the price you’ve given them. In this post, I will show you the best email reply to customer asking for discount.

Let’s consider this; you just got off the phone with a prospect who told you “let me get back to you on this” or “let me speak to my manager or partner”. Even before the call ended, you qualified their budget by making sure they could pay for the service you are offering.

After a few hours, you get an email with a request saying “can you give us a discount on this?” or “your competitor is offering us a 30% discount, can you offer us something close?”

This is a huge dilemma because you need the sale and also wouldn’t want them to do business with your competitors. So how do you send an email reply to customer asking for discount?

How you respond to the discount request is dependent of many factors including;

  • Their commitment to buying
  • Size of discount
  • The reason they are asking

This is why you need a proven response, so as not to piss the client off or discourage them from buying your product/service.

But before we consider the different email responses to any customer asking for a discount, let’s look at some tips that would help us navigate such a situation properly.

Tips to Handle Customer Discount Request

best offer as email reply to customer asking for discount

Normally, this would seem like a regular request, but top sales producers would see this as an objection. Literally, it is considered an objection because that’s what’s stopping the deal from going through.

So the first tips to handle an email reply to customer asking for discount would be;

Treat Request as an Objection

This would be considered a true objection because it is obvious the client needs the discount. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the budget for whatever product/service you are pitching to them.

But it is critical if you take it as an objection, which would allow you to know what to tell the client and what not to say.

Push for a Call

I don’t fancy offering discounts over emails because I can’t feel if the client is pulling my legs or giving me hopes of a deal that would never come to pass.

So in most cases, I push for a call, to know if the client would want to speak to me over the phone. That way, I tend to gauge their interest level and know-how to advance my sales process with them.

Here’s a sample response to push for a call;

“Dear {Prospect},

I am excited to know that you are interested in a 20% discount to enable you purchase {name of product}. I would love to have just a brief discussion with you, to check out possibility and offer you our options.

Meanwhile, I will have a brief discussion with my management team, to discuss this and I will give you a feedback over the phone.

10 A.M. Tomorrow, would you make the time work for you? Let me know your thoughts.

Kind Regards

Mike Bush ~ Senior Broker.”

Probe the Objection

Since you got this as an email, you can decide to probe the objection to ascertain if the discount is the only stumbling block to closing the deal. Prospects might be using “discount” as a mask for not being interested.

In most cases I would ask;

“Hello {Prospect}

I am excited to know that you are interested in a discount to enable you to purchase our product/service. But I need to confirm, is this the only thing stopping you from buying?

Let me know your thoughts.

Kind Regards

Mike Bush ~ Senior Broker”

If it were to be over the phone, you could expect an immediate response. But for an email, you’d have to wait a bit to get a response from the client.

Propose an Offer

Once you’ve confirmed that the discount is the only stopping point from closing the deal, then you need to propose an offer. Well, you’d have to get approval from your management – if need be.

You can offer an annual plan with a 20% discount, or increase the quantity of product they should buy for a certain amount of discount.

Either way, you’d need to propose an offer to the client. This would allow you to be in charge of the conversation.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Once you’ve proposed an offer, the next step would be to add a timeline that the prospect should adhere to. In situations like this, you’d make them understand that the offer is valid for the next 5 hours.

If you don’t create a sense of urgency, prospects would tend to or even sleep on your offer. Creating a sense of urgency is great if you want the prospect to make a faster decision.

“After a brief discussion with my management, we would love to offer you our annual plan at a 30% discount. This would save you $65 than going for the monthly plan. To take advantage of this offer, payment needs to be made within now and close of business today.”

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Mike Bush ~ Senior Broker”

So there you have it, these are the tips you should consider when constructing an email reply to customer asking for discount.

So below are some of the samples you can utilize and create your response.

Sample Email Reply for Customer Asking for Discount

Sample Email Reply 1

Hello {Prospect}

After a thorough discussion with my management team, I am excited to tell you that I have been able to secure you a 15% discount if you are able to purchase the annual plan, which is currently priced at {insert price}.

Getting a 15% discount on our annual plan means you make savings of over $70.

This offer is valid if you are able to make payments between now and {insert timeline}. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

Let me know if you have questions, I’ll be more than willing to jump on a call with you, or you can write to me.

Kind Regards

[Your name and signature].


Sample Email Reply 2

Hello [Prospect],

Thanks for your response, and I can clearly see that you need a discount to allow you to purchase our product.

However, I would love to have a conversation with you, to determine how we can help and possible ways to make this work for you. We have several pricing packages that would be beneficial you, and I would be happy to share with you the best that would suit your needs.

I would be happy to jump on a call with you tomorrow at 10 A.M., please let me know if works for you.



Sample Email Reply 3

Hello [Prospect],

Thank you for showing interest in our products and your email requesting for an extra discount to enable you purchase {name of product/service}. We value your request for an extra discount on our products, but we regret to inform you that our policy doesn’t allow discounts above the present price on our website.

We understand that you have been a regular customer, but we can make you other offers, which would suit your present budget.

Let me know if you want me to jump on a quick call with you. I will be glad to assist you further.

Thanks and Regards

{Name and signature}



You can copy any of our samples and use it as an email reply to customers asking for a discount. If you need further help with your email scripts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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