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There’s a huge difference between telesales and face to face sales. In today’s sales market, many businesses are relying heavily on generating internet based leads, then cold calling using scripts, before closing. But for businesses relying on the face to face sales, this post will show you some face to face script examples you should be used to close more customers/clients.

E-selling tactics such as interactive websites, online advertising, direct email, social media programs, are used as a supplement to traditional marketing like print advertising, TV, radio, and etc.

In this post, we have reviewed the effectiveness of face to face sales, trying to figure out if these sales tactics are still worth it. A face-to-face meeting with prospects helps in increased results of products/services sold, client acquisition, and retention. Although face-to-face sales can be time-consuming, it has a huge pay off in the long run.

Here are some key reasons why face-to-face sales are worth it.

face to face script example

Face-to-Face Sales Build Trust and Relationship Faster

Prospects buy from people they trust and share a common bond. A salesperson greeting a prospect at home with a smile and a firm handshake sets the perfect bond for selling to happen next, unlike inside sales, where you call the prospect out from the blues and you are forced to build rapport.

With face-to-face sales, you can engage in a light conversation before getting down to business, which allows the salesperson and prospect to bond over a common goal – may be the same neighborhood or a particular sports team.

During a physical sales meeting, the sales agent has the opportunity to ask relevant questions about the prospect’s situation and listen attentively to the responses before explaining how the product or service can offer benefits. These conversations rarely happen when communication is limited to over the phone or email.

After meeting with the prospect the first time, follow-up can happen successfully either over the phone or email because a relationship has been established. The top sales agents continue to build on that relationship, which then leads to future sales and referrals.

Easier to Get ‘Yes” Faster

Face-to-face selling offers you the opportunity to breakdown your product/service benefits for the understanding of the prospect. It helps simplify the complexity of your product/service and show prospects the benefits of using them.

Getting a “Yes” easily from clients have a special technique to follow and use.

No matter what is sold, skilled sales agents can help each prospect navigate through the several choices, answer questions, and reach at an optimal solution that creates a balance between their needs and prospect’s balance.

Using this simplified technique, they can use their expertise and power of persuasion to get to “yes” faster.

Increased Referrals

Due to the existing relationships and trust built over the sales process, it is easier to gain referrals from clients whom you’ve had a physical interaction. If customers feel you’ve listened to their concerns and have given honest answers and provided high-quality benefits, it is typical for them to share referrals with their networks.

This can be invaluable in growing a thriving client base and increasing the volume of your deals to ensure success.

So let’s assume you are selling Solar Panels to households, here’s a typical face to face sales script example.

Face to Face Sales Script Examples

Hello, Good Morning; my name is {your name} from {name of your company}, how are you doing today?


I was briefly looking to discuss with you regarding {insert common problem they might be facing} “your high energy consumption” and I believe you might be overpaying currently on your tariff.

Do you have like 2 minutes? [Pause and Wait for the client to give you permission]


Impact Statement

My company {insert name} is involved with bringing green Energy to the United States and recycling nuclear waste worldwide. We are currently working with households, and several others, and we’ve helped them save hundreds of dollars on energy consumption with no investment cost/with no initial investment cost.

So with your permission, I would love to ask a few questions and see how we can also help you;

Probing Questions

  • How much energy do you consume per month?
  • Is saving money on Energy consumption a priority for you at the moment?
  • What if I could show you how you could further save money, I mean thousands of dollars on your current energy consumption, would you be willing to move forward?

{Ask other probing questions to know where your product/service can com in}


Summary Pitch

This is why I am here {Prospect} because we are giving our selected households the opportunity to make and save money with our solar panel systems.

Here’s how it works; [Please explain in details how it works]

We place the solar panels on your roof – after you permit us.

We would handle the installation, servicing, insurance, all at zero investment cost from your end.

And from day one, you are getting cheap green energy that costs just 9.9 cents per kWh right from the first day. This can make you save between 400 dollars, even up to about a million Euros compared to what you are paying at the moment.

Do you have any more questions, or should we discuss on how to proceed?

[Then go ahead with the presentation, answer questions, and make sure you ask for the order once again]

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