How to Convince Customers on Phone? [Phone Sales Strategies]

How to convince customers on phone?

As a new or experienced salesperson, we can deny that trying to convince customers on phone is actually a pretty difficult job. It becomes worse in certain situations when it is a cold call. In this article, I will breakdown this topic and also show some strategies that show you how to convince customers on phone easily.

This is because the first step towards sales is a strong product, though you may be able to attract customers even by selling an unknown brand, it is easier when you sell a well-established brand.

Note that to sell over the phone is an entirely different experience than when selling in a face-to-face setting. Although while each has its own benefits, there is a lot of persuasions that are lost when having phone conversations with customers.

how to convince customers on phone

Factors that Limits you from Convincing Customers on Phone

Remember that you have one of the most difficult sales jobs as a phone representative. However, there are a few challenges that you must overcome than traditional face-to-face salespeople do not have to worry about:

  1. Because your prospect can hang up on you at any moment.
  2. It is much easier for customers to say “no” over the phone.
  3. Inability to take advantage of non-verbal sales techniques like a strong handshake or direct eye contact.

So because of these obstacles, many salespersons are unable to perform over the phone. Though it’s really difficult and requires a salesperson to refocus their thinking on different elements of their pitch.

So before we go into the details of different ways to attract a customer via phone call, you should know some mistakes that sellers do:

Too much giveaway:

One bad habit of a seller is always giving a heavy discount in order for the user to sign up for the service or the product. Remember that there is always a way to get a customer even if your product is not unique or doesn’t stand out from other providers.
let’s look at sports goods manufacturers like Nike.

Sometimes you may get the same quality shoes that are much cheaper than Nike, but more than 70–80% of customers will only go for Nike. It happens because of the brand value that Nike has made over the years, quality is the connection that the customer feels with a celebrity that has endorsed the Nike shoes and is ready to pay a higher price.

Inability to pitch the product:

Indeed, there are many SaaS applications out there and the competition is fierce. However, there are quite a few services that stand out, and the part that makes them stand out is that they never hard sell their services, but they point out the feature that makes them even more attractive. Make sure you understand the pain points of your customer to provide them with a custom solution.

How to convince customers on the phone

a salesman convincing customer on the phone
A Salesman on Phone

Stay Natural and Use Scripts

The reason customers choose to call is that they want to have a conversation with a real person, someone who will respond to their inquiries and answer their questions, even the unusual ones.

But if otherwise, then clients would keep on browsing the website. And for this reason, you speak naturally when using your script.

Remember that these kinds of prewritten replies really sound unnatural to the client and will create a feeling of an unwanted sale process. This means that customers are more willing to buy if they establish an emotional relationship with you on phone.

Achieving this will not be possible if the call consultant reads aloud the previously prepared conversation scenario. This means that if you are wondering how to convince customers on phone to buy your product, do one thing, just stay natural and act like a human being.

Pay Attention to Your Customers.

Phone call marketers often put forward their own opinions before customers ask their relevant questions. One of the problems with these agents is they listen less to their customer’s issues and are more interested in selling the product. What this does is to create the impression of a hard-sell policy, and this does not leave a favorable impression with your customers.

Most clients would actually want to put you off with the I am not interested blow-off, but you should have an objection rebuttal for the “I am not interested” blow-off.

One of the ideal approaches is listening to the customer’s opinion and then put forward your product benefits. When presenting your product to the customer, listen to what they say, and then talk about the product features.

You Need Plenty of Energy

Note as a phone salesperson, you are unable to greet somebody with a strong handshake and eye contact. Remember that in traditional sales, your handshake is a way for you to connect with the prospect customer, establish trust, and then engage them in the conversation. But since you are unable to shake someone’s hand over the phone, then you have to engage them in a different manner.

You having plenty of energy is a great way you can instantly bring the customer into your conversation. Just use a high tonality, and it might guarantee you a sale. And the more engaged the prospect gets, the better off you will be.

Know your client

Anytime you want to convince a customer to buy your product, from the beginning of the conversation, while you introduce yourself, ask the customer about his/her well-being.

Research has revealed that sales increase significantly within the group of customers that were asked about their well-being.

Have a Quality conversation

Note that quality calls sell goods. Try to kill all sorts of filler from your calls. Remember that verbal tics such as “oh” and “ahh” decrease the quality of calls. But you should use meaningful words that provide some solid support to your logic.

Once your customer finishes off a sentence, make sure you think of what you can that will help to create a favorable impression in the customer’s mind and come up with your opinion say accordingly.

Use Urgency as a Tool

There is a place where every phone representatives falter, it is the whole urgency component of the presentation. This is because you are just a voice on the phone, so it’s easy for the prospect to say “I’ll think about it and call you back.”

But if you don’t want this to happen, let them know that this is an urgent, limited time offer that will not be available later on. However, this should happen right away, and make sure it’s a constant theme during the entire presentation.

One of the worst things you can do is to use urgency to overcome the “I’ll think about it and call you back” objection, this is because it will not be genuine at that point. Just use it right away and ensure the prospect knows that it’s important they make a decision immediately.

Call Clients by their Names

Make sure you find out your client’s name and use it from time to time. From psychology, research has shown that people like to hear their name and are much more likely to make a friendly conversation when the other side uses it.

So while having a conversation in other languages, pay attention to proper forms. But in English, you can address the client by their name without fear of committing a faux pas.

In case you don’t intend to offend the client, use the phrase Mr / Miss. In encouraging your customers to buy your product, it’s very obvious that you treat them as people, not as leads listed in a CRM system that you use.

Maintain the Right Position While Pitching

I know you are wondering what body position has to do with convincing customers over the phone. However, remember that sitting up or standing during the conversation makes your voice clearer.

This means that you will sound more confident when you maintain the right position of the body. Whenever you sit in an inclined position and speak with your head down, the vocal cord cannot open up freely. When this happens, it will prevent the voice from being clearly heard.

Show Customers The Next Steps. 

In case you intend to know how to convince someone to buy your product, just follow our last advice. Ensure you use the power of psychology in your work and give your client some autonomy by asking so what would you like to do next? or what are your next steps? This will help you to sound less like a salesman, and more like a consultant. Note that this is one of the very important steps on how to convince customers on phone.

Although you can still suggest some options to choose from or a few examples of the next steps. But by you bringing up this kind of question and letting them decide for themselves, without pushing or convincing towards any of their choices, you are sending a signal to the customer that their opinion matters.

Note that sales call more often ends up as a success once a customer notice that they can make a choice and feels that their opinion is important.


Most time, incoming calls can be a great sales channel, and this means that you need to know how to convince customers on phone to buy and how to move from questions about the product to a commercial offer.

Please note that the psychological tricks listed above will certainly help you establish a good relationship with your customers.

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