How to sell a Mobile in an interview [Interview Sales Tips for Aspiring Sales People]

How to sell a Mobile in an interview [Interview Sales Tips]

To make sure you are the right candidate and for an interviewer to weigh your sales skills, you might have a role play, where you are asked to sell something to the interviewer. In this post, we will be focused on how to sell a mobile in an interview.

To sell a mobile in an interview, you should focus more on how you sell, introduction, listing the features and benefits, asking probing questions, then use some sales strategies to close the deal. These are the basics of selling a product to any customer successfully

There are several products you might be asked to sell, but right now we are focused on how to sell a mobile in an interview.

Why are you asked to sell a Mobile in an Interview?

how to sell a mobile in an interview
A Typical Sales Interview Scene

Sales managers, interviewers ask applicants who are interviewing for sales and business development related jobs this question and any other questions that show your ability to sell because they use it as a benchmark to understand your sales ability.

It is used to gauge your basic sales knowledge, to know if you have the foundation that they can build on. In addition to showing your ability to sell, your response shows that you are able to deliver even unprepared, which is a skill every salesperson needs to have. Also, your communication ability is also judged by making the sales pitch.

There are several things you might also be required to sell in an interview, apart from how to sell a mobile. You might also be needed to sell a pen – which is a typical sales interview example. The interviewer’s goal is to know if you have basic sales skills that differentiate you from other candidates.

Steps to Sell a Mobile in an Interview and be Successful

If you follow these steps I have listed here, you’d have a successful sales interview and eventually be hired. As a Sales Manager myself, I will show you what I expect from every salesperson who wishes to get hired.

Briefly introduce yourself and Your Company

When you meet a potential customer to pitch a product, it is always typical to respect them and their time. This doesn’t really add much to your score point, but it shows that you understand how to respect a potential client.

Introducing your company shows that you are trying to build rapport and authority with your brand. Expect you aren’t working for a popular brand – then you can find other ways to go about it.

It is also important to respect their time by asking if they free to speak with you. If you don’t do this, they might use the “This isn’t a good time” objection on you, and you’d find yourself begging for just a moment to speak. That wouldn’t be a good scene.

“Hi Good Morning, my name is Mike and I am with Xiaomi, how are you?


Do you have 60 seconds, I would love to briefly share something I discovered with you.”

Qualify and Probe their Present Phone

Qualifying their present phone means you want to get every single possible information about the phone the interviewer is using at the moment.

Remember you are asking questions, so you should maintain an inquisitive voice. Keep your eyes wide open, hands open, but don’t rush like you want to invade their personal space.

So here’re some tough qualifying questions to get you started;

  • “Just to confirm, what phone are you using?
  • What prompted you to buy the phone?
  • How satisfied are you with the {reason they got the phone}?
  • Asides from {reason they got the phone}, what other features do you feel makes you like the phone?
  • Did you pay out of pocket for the phone?
  • What do you think could be better with the phone?

These are tough qualifying questions that help you discover how to structure your pitch that would convince them to buy whatever mobile you might be selling to them.

Capitalize and Expand their Pain Point

Let the interviewer know that they aren’t alone in whatever challenges they might be facing. The interviewer has to understand that other people bought the phone because of the similar challenges he is facing with his present phone.

“Most of the clients who decided to go ahead with my mobile also did so because {list out challenges the interviewer is facing with their present phone}.”

Go into Your Product Pitch Proper

While trying to sell a mobile in an interview and looking to impress the interviewer, always make sure to focus on the benefits and support it with features of the mobile phone. That is how to sell a mobile in an interview and get them to buy your phone.

“The phone here is an iPhone 11, and it comes with a 20 hours battery life. That way you don’t need it plugged to an electric socket all the time.

It is water-resistant, so no need to always being careful around your kids.

It has a metallic back and a strong screen of 2m depth – so you don’t have to be scared of cracks. Unlike your phone where the screen replacement is worth 2x the phone value.

Also, you can get it as 3x cheaper than your present phone – if you make a decision to buy it today.

It also has a screen length of 8’, which means you can create powerpoint slides and access your documents easily.”

The aim is to take all their challenges and show reasons why your mobile phone can help them solve all of them.

Ask for the Deal

Salespeople who are effective closers are in the highest demand. Always ask for the sale at the end of your presentation. Presenting without asking for the deal is just like telling stories. And no sales manager wants to employ a storytelling salesperson.

Make a final enthusiastic statement that includes a request to serve the customer.

“One more thing I must let you know is that if you decide to move forward, we would buy back your present mobile and then you pay only the difference for this phone. Typically, it costs $800; but if you exchange your phone for this, you pay just $300.

Everything considered, would you be taking advantage of this opportunity?”

Handle Objections

I guess you aren’t expecting your interviewer to just accept your pitch and be sold. There’s the last hurdle to cross, and that’s OBJECTIONS.

We have a couple of them you might face such as;

  • I don’t have the budget
  • I don’t think this is the right product for me
  • Let me speak to my partner
  • I’m not interested, and many others.

So you should be familiar with how to answer several objections.


Depending on what you are asked to sell, the sales steps I listed here can also help you. If you are asked to “sell a watch in an interview”, you can also follow these same steps.

Be focused on your sales steps than trying to convince the interviewer to buy your product. So if you are looking for how to sell mobile in an interview, I believe this should help you.

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