How to Sell any Product to a Customer and Make Them Buy [Secret Sales Techniques]

How to Sell a Product to a Customer and Make Sure They Buy

Perhaps, you have a product, and you do not know how to sell it to a customer, or you are confused about the necessary steps to take if you want to sell a product to a customer. Well, we have got you covered on how to sell a product to a customer.

Selling as we all know, is a skill that drives a customer to pay a reasonable sum of money to get a product in exchange. The art of selling a product to a customer involves excellent communication that shows the benefit of your product to your customer.

Added to the benefits, you should also tell the potential customer the things they stand to gain if they purchase the product and some little cons about the product.

If they are convinced with what you have presented to them, they will be left with no other choice than to proceed and buy the product you have told them about. The most important feature when it comes to selling a product to a customer is useful and excellent communication and full knowledge of the product you are selling.

Knowing how to sell a product is very important as it is capable of transforming your business. There is no doubt that a majority of the public fear sales because they often get nervous and cannot stand their ground when defending their product. When I started selling products in the past, I was always shy and not sure about what I was saying, but as time went on, I began to grow, and I adopted some approach to make sure I can sell a product to a customer.

If you know how to sell a product to a customer, your business will boom, and that is why you must be conversant with the steps which will be listed below:

How to sell a product to a customer example


how to sell a product to a customer
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  1. Study and Know Your Product

You are expected to imagine every possible question a potential customer might ask you about the product you want to sell. Also, when giving answers to a customer’s question, always references the benefits of purchasing the product.

There is no doubt that once you can send across knowledge to the potential customer about the product and to answer possible questions, the potential customers will know that you know the product you want to sell. If you find out that the product is meaningful and valuable, your potential customers might also see into what you see as well.

It is imperative to have full knowledge of your product to answer any type of questions put across by your potential customers. However, if you are not sure about the answer to a particular issue, you can politely tell them that you do not know the precise answer to that specific question. Still, you will be excited to look into that question and provide the solution soon.

  1. Lay Emphasis on the Advantages and Benefits of the product to the customers

It is not all about having full knowledge about the product you want to sell. Another angle is about being able to decipher the excellent features of the products. By so doing, you are making things easier for potential customers, and you are giving them more than enough reason why they should consider purchasing the product. Some things to ponder on include:

  • Will the product I am about to sell create a sense of extravagance?
  • Is the product something that can last for an extended period?
  • Will a large number of people enjoy the product?


  1. Make Sure The Product Has Been Satisfactorily Clarified

In cases where you are not opting to do one on one sale to a customer, you will need to make sure that useful product information is given through point of purchase displays, retail packaging, or any other form of marketing materials. Also, if you opt to sell products directly and one on one to a customer, the excellent product information will also aid you to be able to convince customers easily.

Below are some things to take note to make the product information-rich for customers:

  • Ensure that the product information you are passing across is factual, inclusive, and educative.
  • Ensure that the language or form of grammar on the product packaging, as well as marketing materials, is plain and simple to read.


  1. Share your admiration of the product

A perfect salesperson should be able to believe in the capability of his product that he/she wants to sell, and be able to convey the same admiration and eagerness of the product to the customer. Below are some ways to show your approval for a product you want to sell.

  • Do not overlook body tone and language: No doubt, you will be able to transfer the same energy and eagerness you have for a product if you speak detailed enough about a product. Also speaking, if you mutter some words of uncertainty and displeasure when customers ask questions about a product or fold your arms on your chest, it will then seem like you are far away from being present and looks like you do not care about the product.
  • Be ready to explain clearly how you or your fulfilled customers have previously used the product: Some precise stories about how some accomplished customers have already used the product they want to purchase will make it relevant to the customers.


  1. Practice the option of breaking the ice with potential customers

Try not to ask close-ended questions like “May I help you” when you talk with a customer. Instead, it is important to ask more welcoming questions and open-ended questions, which include “Are you searching for something for yourself,” Or a present for someone dear to you”? It is also important to throw in some power words to attract a customer’s attention.


  1. Switch the motivation of the customer into the features of the product

If you have something to do concerning marketing, then you will not be surprised about this point. Marketers refer to this point as “positioning,” as it includes connecting the product with what the customers want. Numerous factors are vital when you choose to position a product. They include:

  • Position the product in the best range of the market. Endeavor not to give the product too much price or low price.
  • Position the truth about the product of the customer.
  • Endeavor not to tell lies about the product.


  1. Endeavor to be Honest about your product

That brings us to integrity and honesty. Why should you lie about the features of a product to a customer and sell it to them knowing quite well that they will still find out the truth? At that point, you might sell, but you are tarnishing the image you have with that customer and potential customers at large, which you do not know about.

Customers that you sell the right products will always come back to purchase more products from you and also tell their friends that you are the best seller of a particular product they need. One thing to take into notice is that honesty and integrity are capable of building trust between you and your customers.


  1. Bring the sale to an end

There are numerous ways of ending a purchase, but the most used and trusted is the ABC, which means Always Be Closing. Once you have verified your potential buyer’s interest in the product you are selling, ask them questions such as “What do you think about the product,” “Does this product meet your needs,” Is this the type of product you have been searching for?


  1. Give your customers ample time to think about purchasing the product

Do not be in haste to wrap up the deal and sell your product; instead, give your customers enough time to think about buying the product. Pushing your customers with your words to buy the product you are selling immediately could make them change their minds from wanting to purchase the product.

Some of them might decide to go home, think about it, possibly do some research on the internet about the product before concluding and coming back to purchase the product from you. If you follow the steps I have given to sell a product right from scratch, you will make more sales than ever imagined.

On the other hand, when your customers leave, it is crucial to provide them with a contact detail so that they can get in touch whenever they are ready to purchase the product you are selling. Whenever you are sure that a customer is just inches away from buying a product, it is vital to stay close to them without disturbing them. The last thing you will want is for a likely customer to agree to purchase the product you are selling, and they cannot locate you to pay for the product.


  1. Market your product

To sell a product to a customer, it is vital to make the information on your product accessible in numerous ways. Well, not to worry as in modern times, it is relatively easy to market your product because of the massive development in communication.

Marketing your product can be done in the below ways:

  • Advertising (which include TV, Radio, Social Media and so on)
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Word of Mouth
  • Sales Representatives
  • Placing a product in sports, entertainment, or movies.


What to do if a customer is not patronizing a product


A man selling a product to a customer


Well, this can be quite heartbreaking and disheartening, but you will have to move on and find alternatives immediately. If customers are not purchasing your product, you will have to go into problem-solving mode. The problem-solving model includes raising the bars of your product and marketing strategies.

In most cases, a customer says “I am not interested”, Here’s how to overcome that objection.

Also, you should go through the design of your product, how it is packaged, and change the essential things to fit in well with what the customers need.

In some cases, it may be the high cost of the product that is chasing potential customers away. Try to reduce the price of the product and watch the outcome.

You can also make the product to be obtainable at only a limited period if customers are not purchasing a product.

It is essential to keep tweaking and changing the strategies used in selling a product to customers, mainly if you have used one particular approach for a long time.



To become a good salesperson, it is important to find mentors and more experienced salespeople than you and look into their strategies to see how best you can sell a product to a customer.

Selling a product to a customer is not a difficult task if you know how to go about it. After reading how to sell a product to a customer, you should be able to sell your products to your customers around.

As I round up, some products have more chance of selling faster than others because of the need. However, all products can be sold if you adopt the right strategy. If a product you are selling is not booming, take the product to the customers and choose a good communicative skill to be able to sell the product to customers.

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