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How To Sell An Unknown Brand Successfully  [Sales Tactics]

How To Sell An Unknown Brand Successfully 

The business world can be crazy and intense, and one rule of thumb that will help is to avoid delving into a saturated market. If there are numerous pizza shops in your proposed business location, the chances are that you will struggle to market to your target even if your pizza is the best in town. This post should help you sell an unknown brand successfully.

Guerrilla marketing is the best form of selling an unknown brand. It involves posting flyers, getting TV slots, radio Ads, and advertising on targeted pages on print magazines. These are budget-friendly options that allow you to generate a buzz without spending so much on advertising and marketing. In many cases, you can gatecrash a similar event of competitors in your industry and promote your product/service.

This logic applies to any business, as competition can cut down your reach and makes it hard to thrive. No doubt that it will bring about low profit, which can be bad for business. When it comes to marketing or selling an unknown brand, it could be pretty frustrating as you might need to go the extra mile to build trust and credibility. The sales objection I am not interested comes up mostly when pitching clients an unknown brand.

When you find yourself amid giant competitors, your margin for success will be pretty low. If you’re here looking for some tips on how to sell an unknown brand, rest assured that you’re on the right page. Without further ado, here are some incredible ways you can use to sell a new brand to your potential market.

Winning Tactics to Selling An Unknown Brand Successfully

how to sell an unknown brand

  1. Create An Online Presence

We’re now in an era where a lot can happen with just a push of a button. The fact is, the internet is becoming an intrinsic part of our existence. If you’re hitting the marketplace for the first time, the chances are that you’re unknown and don’t exist. One credible way to mitigate this issue is to start buffing up your online presence.

According to a study, people often do research on Google before finally making an order for a product or service. If your online presence is impressive, the chances are that you might be able to attract these potential customers to your business. Here are some of the ways you can utilize to buff your online presence. No doubt, it will be able to help you sell an unknown brand to your target market.

  • Website

Before you begin business operations, there is a need to have a robust and functional website. It is usually the first step to avoid getting their proposed domain name being taken by another.

When building your website, ensure you hire an experienced web developer who understands your goals and vision. That way, he will create an effective website that converts website visitors to paying customers.

Your website’s homepage is an incredible place to feature your most positive reviews and testimonials, which goes in length to convince potential customers about the value your business offers.

  • Social Media

Social media is another big arena that you can implore to improve your online presence. Many business owners have leverage on these social platforms to sell an unknown brand to prospective customers. If they can do it, you too can.

First, all you have to do is create an account for your business on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If you’re going to target professionals and executives alike, LinkedIn has proven to be the best. For millennials, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are where you should focus.

Also, these social media platforms give you the avenue to run sponsored ads. For instance, Facebook can help you target specific people based on interest, demography, and behavior. Reaching your target market has never been easier, for as long as your ad is well optimized.

  1. Referral Programs

Studies have shown that people are most likely to take action on families and friends’ recommendations compared to traditional ads. Do you know what that means? You can sell an unknown brand just by getting people to recommend and spread the word about your brand.

Most business owners often envision referral programs are a complicated endeavor, which is why many shy away from this formidable marketing strategy. However, it doesn’t have to be tricky when you work with the right referral software.

There is numerous referral software in the market that you can integrate into your website. With this software, you can get your visitors to spread the word about your products and services without hassles. But before you begin, you will need to work out the rewards since they work as bait in attracting people to your program.

As more customers spread the word through word of mouth, you’re most likely to experience an exponential increase in orders. If your referral rewards are attractive enough, you wouldn’t have a problem recruiting new referrals. However, ensure that your compensation won’t affect your brand. Whatever be the reward, it shouldn’t negatively impact your business revenue.

You might be wondering what makes a great referral software. Well, ensure that your referral software has a robust reporting feature and can automatically disburse rewards without any manual operation. Also, customer support is something you should consider if you’re to run into any hurdle that needs solving. Although most of this software may not be free, it promises a great return on investment when used effectively.

  1. Influencer Outreach

Influencers are individuals with massive followers on their social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Since they have huge followers, a shout-out from them can be what your brand needs to break into the market. However, these influencers’ requirement varies, and it is your job to find out what works for you.

However, it would help if you played the ball well to get the best result. You have to ensure that the influencer you go for operates within your industry. That way, their followers will be able to interact with your brand. There are numerous influencers in diverse niches like music, fashion, business, pets, politics, football, etc.

If you’re in the fashion industry, Influencer Marketing will be ideal for the best result. That way, you will be able to sell an unknown brand without sweating. But if you use the wrong influencer, your envision result wouldn’t manifest irrespective of how many millions of followers they have.

A common problem most business owners often encounter when contacting influencers is a lack of response. That happens when you’re trying to get them directly on their social media handle, which might prove futile due to fans’ overwhelming messages. To have a better chance, contact them through email and pitch your brand in a way that grabs their attention.

Keep the mail personalized and short, and try to follow up when you fail to get a response. There are other means you can explore, like influencer networks. If you communicate professionally and respectfully, you’re sure going to get their attention.

Through influencers, selling an unknown brand to your target market becomes possible. After such astonishing marketing, the so-called unknown brand wouldn’t be unknown anymore.

  1. Tell A Story About Your Brand

Many marketers always fall into the habit of trying to sell a brand instead of experience. In case you’re yet to know, no one wants your products and service. No one wants anything. If there is anything they want, it is a solution to their problem. This is one trick that works when you are approaching clients in retails

Most markets think talking about the features and benefits is the magic bean to selling an unknown brand, but such an effort only engages Broca’s and Wernicke’s area of the brain. These areas merely translate words into meaning and nothing more.

But when you tell a story about your brand, the game changes. When such a story incorporates a character or feeling like love, sadness, anger, joy, or hate, you engage all brain areas known as the limbic system. For instance, describing a cinnamon or lavender smell engages the olfactory cortex, which goes in length to compel your target to take action.

When trying to sell an unknown brand, it is paramount you communicate your brand’s value in memorable ways. That can only be done through storytelling, and the result from such a strategy is always mind-blowing.

Today, most formidable brands use storytelling to attain the top, like Coca-Cola, Netflix, Amazon, McDonald’s, etc. Through stories, they were able to connect with their market and get them to take action. Take your time to craft out a provoking emotional story that reaches your target market instantly. Emotions are incredible, and bonding with them through such a means will benefit your brand in the long run.

  1. Recruit Ambassadors

Another excellent way to sell an unknown brand is through brand ambassadors. It doesn’t necessarily have to be public figures or celebrities, especially if your brand doesn’t have the financial capacity. However, anyone with a positive public image that represents your target market will be an ideal ambassador. The aim is to put a face to your brand, which could be a great way to connect to your prospective audience.

If your brand is going to serve college students, a college brand ambassador will be best. When choosing an ambassador, ensure that they know a great deal about your brand and are ready to work long term. During a special occasion, brand ambassadors are usually the face of the day.

They represent your brand and answer questions that customers might need an answer to. That is why your ambassadors have to be outspoken, have the right public image, and in-depth knowledge about your brand vision and goals. With that, your brand ambassador will be able to represent your brand in a good light.

Since people connect better with people instead of just a business structure, you will be amazed at how things turn around. If you’re trying to target the older populace, an aged person will be ideal as a brand ambassador. One great thing about using ambassadors is that they work with you long term, unlike influencers, that work based on what you bring to the table.

Requirements for Choosing Ambassadors.

  • Trust And Influence

Your brand ambassador should be someone whom people trust; someone that has exerts influencer in a large segment of your audience. You can find such individuals by snooping around social media, and Instagram could be the right place for such a hunt. About 75% of social media influencers are using Instagram as a tool to collaborate with brands.

Since this industry is worth over $1.7 billion, you will definitely tap into such a goldmine through collaboration. A brand that does a pretty good job in choosing brand ambassadors is Lululemon. This great brand has made brand ambassadors out of numerous Instagram influencers. If this brand can do it, you, too, can use it to sell an unknown brand to your target market.

  • Professionalism

If you must attain your brand goals, there is a need to be highly professional. That means your brand ambassadors have to be individuals who are wholeheartedly committed to reaching your brand goals. To know if a prospect is a good fit for an ambassador, converse with them and monitor their responses.  Do they sound pleasant and happy? Are they honest about their weaknesses and shortcomings?

  • Brand Image

There is no doubt that choosing a brand ambassador can be pretty hard. After all, humans are complex and complicated. Choosing a brand ambassador is something that many dread since a lot goes into this choice. An essential qualification for ambassadors is choosing someone who believes in your brand and what it represents. That way, they will be able to market your new or unknown brand effectively.

Final Words

Every brand that exists was once unknown, and it took time, consistency, and hard work to become renowned and a household name. To succeed in selling an unknown brand, you must be ready to wait and be consistent with your marketing strategies.

By having an online presence, coupled with a strong brand story and passionate ambassadors, reaching the pinnacle, becomes easy peasy. So, out of the aforementioned ways on how to sell an unknown brand, which of them are you going to try first? Remember, consistency is vital and will determine if you will reach your goals or give up.

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