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5 Secret Ways to Handle the “I am Not Interested” Sales Objection

In this article, we are going to see the sales rebuttals for not interested, coming from any client. Before I proceed, I would love to ask;

In cold calling, is “I am not interested” an objection?

sales rebuttals for not interested
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Well, different inside sales producers might have different opinions for that; but I will go with the popular opinion of the top 20 producers which says;

When a prospect says “I am not interested, he isn’t raising an objection, rather he is trying to blow you off”.

Most times you just started your pitch – then BOOM! You hear the blow-off “not interested” coming straight to your ears. A majority of cold-call agents might end up trying to ask

“Not interested in what?”

This might be a good question to ask, but chances are that your prospect will hang up the phone and won’t give you an answer. The reason isn’t farfetched;

“That was an impulse statement that has no logical backing”

Your client said that because that was what he programmed his brain to say once he gets a cold call on his phone. So right in this article, you will see the best sales rebuttals for not interested. Never let your prospect get away with this blow off after reading this piece of educative content.

How do you overcome a Blow-off?

Since most top producers see “not interested” as a blow-off, I will then explain to you how to overcome you can be able to overcome a blow-off and use it to your advantage. That way, you can create your own sales rebuttals for not interested aside from the ones I will put down in this article.

So how do you overcome those annoying blow-offs?

Empathize with the client

It is clear the prospect started on a wrong foot with you, don’t make it any worse. If you are very sure the client would benefit from your service, then you should take this step quite seriously. That would either make or break the conversation or pitch.

It would be worse if the client wouldn’t even need your services or products. It is advisable you make sure that whatever you are offering would be a good fit for the client.

Your first response should acknowledge the fact that no one should be interested at first. So Mr. Prospect should give you room to share what you have, then he can decide if he is interested or not.

Explain Why There is no Interest

Think ahead of your client and explain to them possible reasons why they assume they aren’t interested. Showing forward thinking would make them believe that you have everything all figured out

Since most of the prospects don’t even know why they aren’t interested, explaining to them the reason would surely make them have a rethink.

Most prospects assume that they got the objection “not interested” as their final hammer blow – it is time to make them know why they aren’t interested.

Make it a general Objection

“Have you heard that from someone before? And they ended up buying? Maybe I should listen” That is what would go through your prospect’s mind once you make them realize that they didn’t invent the objection “I am not interested”

After you have shown empathy and make them realize they made an impulse statement without any logical reason, they go ahead and kill it off. That is one of the secret sales rebuttals for not interested objection.

Make them understand that other clients usually say the same thing, so it is nothing new. They should also know that once you were done with other clients, they bought your product/service. That way you are psychologically turning them to give you good listening ears.

Move over to Qualification and Make them Talk

It is time to check out if our trick finally worked – you then start with “so tell me Mr …”

I assume that you have earned the right to present your product and service, but how do you know?

You know by asking qualifying questions and hoping to get an answer from the prospect. One out of the following two things will happen;

  1. He responds and answers your questions
  2. The prospects keep saying “not interested”

If he does the first one, then our trick worked; if he does the second, I personally think you should let go because such prospects don’t end up buying.

So now we know the steps, I think anyone can easily draft out sales rebuttals for not interested objection. It is easier when you know the principle than just copying rebuttals from the internet.

No right away, I am going to give you sample sales rebuttals for I am not interested objection. I suggest you customize it to fit your offerings.

Sample Sales Rebuttals for Not Interested Objection

So let’s consider the best seven rebuttals to give when a client says “I am not interested”

Response #1

I totally understand _______ (name of prospect). In fact, you shouldn’t be interested because you haven’t gotten an idea about the reason for my call. Most of my big clients said the same thing when I first called them; after they listened, they were happy I made them understand.

After my research about you/company, organization, I want to ask, “what …(move to qualify and continue with your script)


Sales rebuttals for I am not interested objection
A No means Yes in Sales Most times

Response #2

I understand ____________ (name of prospect), you probably get a lot of calls like this, don’t you? I also do get them quite a number of times and I get angrier about them than you do. But now and then I listen because there might be information that benefits me. Let me ask you _______ (name of prospect) what … (then you qualify and continue with your pitch)

Response #3:

“Trust me, I’m with you. But the best news is that taking just a few seconds with me right now could change the way you do business, and could help you (achieve your quotas, save millions of dollars – propose your unique selling proposition). In fact, let me explain briefly with you, how our product/service has helped hundreds of companies just like yours…”

So these are the best sales rebuttals for not interested. No need to cram all of these if you already understand how it works. If you need a copy of my “Objection Handling Bible”, just insert your email below and you will receive it in your email ASAP.

Till the next post, keep closing more deals!


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