A Sample Web Design Cold Call Script [Read and Copy]

Web Design Cold Call Script

For web design and development agencies looking for a perfect script that would allow them to close their clients on a first call, this web design cold call script is for you.

This script was written for a cold interaction, but in most cases, I suggest that you always carry out your research and look for a way to personalize the call as much as possible.

When looking to sell web design and development services, it is essential to know that almost every client without a website has heard a pitch from another agency about getting a website.

The aim of your pitch should be to present a unique angle of the benefits you are offering. In most cases, I’ll suggest that you have a benefit hook to keep the relationship going. A benefit hook might be to help them draft an online sales strategy using a website or gift them an eBook that explains how businesses can improve sales with a website.

One common mistake you can make would be to start looking to sell your web design service at first call. It would take just one appointment to establish a relationship, then looking to sucker your prospect in.

A Sample Web Design Sales Script

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Are you looking to develop a web design cold call script? Here are some tips I would want you to follow. At the end of this post, I will drop a sample cold call script for web design services you can copy and edit to suit your unique services.

Drop a Subtle Impact Statement

A subtle impact statement or also called “Value Proposition” would be subtly telling the prospect what you can help them achieve without really letting them know you offer web design and development services.

“Hey {Prospect}, we are having a digital outreach, where we are helping small businesses improve sales, clients, brand visibility, and revenue by over 34%.

Create Social Proof

People are skeptical about being a first time client to new agencies. This means that you should always create social proof – even if you don’t have any (Fake it till you make it).

I suggest this; if you already have current clients you work with, you can always use them as references. But if on the other hand, you don’t have a client yet, then you need to manufacture names. This would give the impression that whatever advice you are offering is valid and can potentially succeed.

Here’s an example of creating social proof.

“We are currently working with small businesses like {insert name}, {insert name}, and many others.”

Qualify Business Immediately

When looking to create a web design sales script, there must be a section to qualify the prospect immediately. It wouldn’t be fun making a long pitch, only to be told that they already have a website. You need to establish an angle right from the start.

In most cases, I suggest you qualify the business right after you’ve created social proof.

“So, I just want to ask, do you have a website?”

This is an excellent qualification question to know the angle to your call should take. So you should anticipate just two answers, either “Yes” or “No.”

No matter the angle the call takes, the next step would be right the same.

Ask Probing Questions

Like I mentioned earlier, the aim of probing questions would be to uncover pain points that the prospect might not even know about. So you need to ask right probing questions to uncover real pain points.

Probing questions should be open-ended questions that require the prospect to explain more in detail.

Example of web design probing questions should be;

  • Asides word of mouth or your physical location, how are you able to attract more clients?

  • Are you satisfied with the level of sales you are generating at the moment?

  • What can you do with over 200 more clients in a month?

Qualify the decision-maker

While probing for pain points, also try to make sure you are speaking with the decision-maker. If you aren’t talking to the decision-maker, then your chances of closing the deal would be very slim.

So you should try and figure out who the decision-maker is and how to get across to him/her. Here’s a typical decision-maker qualifying question;

“So asides you, who else would be responsible for making a final decision on this?”

Some prospects might be reluctant to give out the information because it would make them seem low profiled. Bear this in mind because you’d confirm later on as you progress with the call.

Move to your presentation properly.

The next step would be to present your solution to the prospect, based on the pain points you’ve discovered.

Explain what the prospect would stand to benefit, how you can help them through the steps, and everything else they need to know.

You know what you are offering, how you provide it, and your clients stand to benefit. Let them know every single detail and benefit that your website design would deliver them.

Move to Trial Closing

Once you presented your service and what the prospect stands to gain, you should perform a trial close to ensure you and the prospect are on the same page. There are several trial closing questions to gauge the prospect’s interest. E.g., includes;

“Your website can be set up in a matter of a week – and the sooner you give us the O.K., the sooner it’ll be working for you. Would you like to get started with this today?”

Hook in your Offer and Get the Follow-up

So to be able to get a follow-up, you must chip in your offer or bait. This would be what would warrant your prospect to want to speak to you again.

Typically it might be sending out information that will lead to a website review, or you create a mock-up website that your client can review and finally pay if they want it.

The bottom line is that you must have an offer that allows you to keep in touch with your prospect, nurture the deal, and let it blossom into a full paying relationship.

A Sample Web Design Cold Call Script

Hello is ___ {name of business}, I was looking to speak to the (business owner)

(If he is the same person)

Hey, my name is {your name} from {your company name}, how are you doing today?


{Prospect}, I didn’t catch you at the wrong time, did I?


Qualifying Pitch

Well {prospect} we have an outreach where we reach out to local businesses, we try to show them how they can attract more customers, sell more, and make more profit for their business. Is this something you’d be interested to know more about?


Qualifying Question II

As part of our strategy, I would love to know {prospect}, does your business have a website?

Value Statement

Well, I have worked with many business owners in {prospect’s industry} in other locations. I helped them expand their business, reached out to more local clients, promoted and sold their services faster, and improved monthly revenue generation by over 45%, just by doing something as simple as creating a newly optimized website or improving their existing ones.

{Prospect} I know you operate a {prospect business} business, so I audited your visibility online and found out that you also lacked in that aspect.

I don’t know if you’ve been made aware before?

Qualifying questions

  • Do you have any plans to fix it?
  • Don’t you think it is necessary?

(Listen to what they have to say)

Features and Benefits

{Prospect} probably you aren’t aware, but Google has received nearly 2.3 trillion searches this year.

About {9,000 people} has searched for {insert prospect’s business} near me – i.e. around {prospect’s location}

Are you aware of these statistics?

Probing and Matching Questions

  • {Prospect}, have you ever tried searching for a service through Google?
  • Did you find the exact service you were searching for?
  • How satisfied were you?
  • Did it make your purchase journey easier?
  • How do you attract customers?
  • Do clients book ahead for your services?
  • If you have a promotion to attract sales, how do you let customers know about it?

Summary Pitch

This is precisely why I am calling {prospect} to show you how you can expand your reach and stay ahead of the competition by connecting with potential customers via your website to grow your business and increase sales.

We would help you with;

  • SEO – To gain more customers for clients around your location
  • Sосiаl media intеgrаtiоn – To build your brand loyalty and gain referrals
  • Automated Marketing to sell multiple products
  • The design, implementation, and management of the website for as long as you desire.

All of these lead to more inquiries and a lot more sales, which is what you want, right?


Everything considered {prospect}, what do you think about owning a powerful online marketing tool like a website? [Trial Closing Question to gauge the prospect’s response].


So once you’ve dropped your trial closing question, then be ready to face several objections like

“I am not interested.”

“I think we wouldn’t be doing this now.”

“Let me speak to my partner.”

“We don’t have the budget for this right now.”

Whatever may be the objection, you should be prepared for it. I suggest you make a rebuttal for your objections and stick to it when having a prospect’s sales conversation.

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